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Individual Counselling

Individual Counselling is centred around addressing the overall psychological wellness needs of a client, influencing their “quality of life”.

This includes improved services through various therapies and inspirationally creative techniques are sometimes used to support clients and better understand and gain insights and empowerment into as well as manage their thoughts.

couples counselling

Couples sometimes struggle with communication, this could be by means of communicating expectations or meeting each other’s needs.

It is important to know that friction in relationships is completely normal and is to be expected! If you are struggling to move passed the friction-mode then attending couples counselling sessions might definitely benefit your relationship.

Trauma Counselling

It is estimated that at least 10% of the population have been affected by some form of post-traumatic stress disorder.

No two people are alike; therefore, no two people’s experiences of situations or events will be the same.

So, if you are having difficulty returning to your “normal everyday self” after any event we can definitely help!